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2-04 (14)


January 6, 2000

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Babies is the 14th episode of Elmo's World.

What is Elmo Thinking about Today?


Elmo opens his door to some babies.

Mr. Noodle

Dorothy is babysitting. She wants to know how you play with a baby.
Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle wants to play chess with Natasha, then tries baseball before he finally settles on peek-a-boo.

Dorothy Wants to Ask Someone Else


Some kids play with babies and one baby feeds a ball to Elmo.

Elmo Has a Question for You


Elmo counts six ducklings following their mother plus one baby dinosaur equals seven.



Since ducks and people have babies, Elmo wants to know what else does. Birthday cakes don't, but a baby can have a birthday cake. School buses don't, but they carry kids. Lions have babies called cubs. Snuffleupaguses have babies. Snuffy dresses as a baby.



Elmo's friend Diamond goes to a farm with her father, and her baby brother Emmanuel to pet baby animals. The first thing they saw was a baby sheep, which is called a lamb, and Diamond petted it and gave it a little hug, then they saw some baby cows, which are called calves, and Diamond petted one, then they saw some baby pigs, which are called piglets, and fed them some milk, then they saw some baby ducks, which are called ducklings, and Diamond fed them some corn, and Emmanuel wanted a better look. And then they saw some baby chickens, which are called chicks, and then they saw some baby geese, which are called goslings. And then they rode on a train and saw some more baby animals. They saw a baby deer, which is called a fawn, and they saw a baby horse, which is called a foal, and finally they saw some baby goats, which are called kids, and they petted one. Diamond and Emmanuel are also called kids.



The Lecture Lady presents: "Know Your Baby" on The Baby Channel. Coming up next: Born Yesterday, and I'll Cry Tomorrow.

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy images Elmo as a baby, a duckling and a baby bird.

Elmo's Home Video


Elmo screens his film, "Elmo's Friends When They Were Just Babies." It's a video of a scrapbook with pictures of Gordon, Maria and Big Bird as babies.

The Baby Song


Elmo sings the "Baby Song."


In the digitally remastered version of this episode the quiz bit birthday cake and film scene were cut.

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Elmo's World Babies (Original)

Elmo's World Babies (Original)


  • This episode does not feature an interview.
  • This is the final episode until Telephones Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle appears.