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6-04 (45)


May 10, 2004

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Guess What Elmo's Thinking about Today?

Elmo opens the door to CGI dinosaurs that run into his room. A video montage plays of children with dinosaur toys and dinosaur art.


Dorothy's Question

Dorothy has a sauropod dinosaur decoration in her fish bowl while Elmo has a picture of a dinosaur that he drew. She wants to know how you pretend to be a dinosaur.


The Noodle Family

Elmo attempts to talk with Mr. Noodle but he could not hear a word Elmo said because Mr. Noodle has his headphones on. Mr. Noodle then pretends to do ballet and act like a monkey before acting like a dinosaur. He sees his reflection in a mirror and acts afraid.


Kids and Baby

Kids pretend to be different kinds of dinosaurs. Dorothy says they remind her of her Uncle Jaws. Elmo asks a baby playing with a plush dinosaur.


Elmo's Question

Elmo asks the viewer to help him count CGI eggs hatching into baby stegasaurous. At the end, a baby tyranosaurous scared the stegasaurous away!



Elmo asks yes/no questions about whether things are dinosaurs. Snuffy appears and claims to be a "snufflasaurus" (or a "dinosnuffagus") while holding a paper dinosaur head in his snuffle.


Video E-Mail

Ernie tells Elmo not to forget his favorite his favorite dinosaur, the "rubber duckie-o-saurus", and holds up Rubber Duckie wearing a dinosaur costume.



Elmo's friend Kate and her mother go to the American Museum of Natural History where they look at dinosaur bones and assemble a balsa-wood dinosaur skeleton.


TV Cartoon

The Dinosaur Channel has Bones Martin talk about paleontology and perform a song and dance called "The Dinosaur Stomp". Stay tuned for Dinah Saur, Bob Fossil and Dudley Digs in "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall".



Elmo talks to a brontosaurus that sticks its head through his window about what the dinosaurs saw.


Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines Elmo as a pterosaur who soars around weird creatures.



The video e-mail scene was cut in later airings and international broadcasts.

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Elmo's World Dinosaurs (Original)15:55

Elmo's World Dinosaurs (Original)

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