1. "How do you catch a ball?"
  2. "How do you put on shoes?"
  3. "How do you put on a hat?"
  4. "How do you dance?"
  5. "How do you put on a jacket?"
  6. "How do people eat?"
  7. "How do you read a book?"
  8. "How do you make music with a drum?"
  9. "How do people swim in water?"
  10. "How do you go places?"
  11. "How do you sing?"
  12. "How do you walk a dog?"
  13. "How do you exercise?"
  14. "How do you play with a baby?"
  15. "What do you do with a banana?"
  16. "How do you draw?"
  17. "How do you use a telephone?"
  18. "What animals live on a farm?"
  19. "How do you brush your hair?"
  20. "How do you give water to a plant?"
  21. "How do you use a computer to write?"
  22. "How do bugs get from one place to the other?"
  23. "How do you play with a pet?"
  24. "How do you take care of your teeth?"
  25. "How do you wash your hands?"
  26. "How do you wrap a birthday present?"
  27. "What do birds sound like?"
  28. "How do you play a game?"
  29. "How do you ride a bike?"
  30. "What do other families like to do together?"
  31. "How do you pretend to be a fish?"
  32. "What do you see when you look up in the sky?"
  33. "How do you go to sleep?"
  34. "What do you wear when it rains?"
  35. "How do you get dressed?"
  36. "What do firefighters wear to keep safe when they put out fires?"
  37. "How do you mail a letter?"
  38. "How do you wiggle your ears?"
  39. "What kind of animal is a wild animal?"
  40. "How do you open a pack?"
  41. "How do you hop on one foot?"
  42. "What do you need to take a bath?"
  43. "What do you do with a bell?"
  44. "How do you go up and down?"
  45. "How do you pretend to be a dinosaur?"
  46. "How do you jump over something?"
  47. "What do you do when you want to ask a question in school?"
  48. "How do you pretend to be a cat?"
  49. "What do you do when the skin on your back itches?"
  50. "What does a doctor do with a stethoscope?"
  51. "How do you take a picture with a camera?"
  52. "How do you take turns with a friend?"
  53. "How do you pretend to be a penguin?"
  54. "How do you build a tower with blocks?"
  55. "How do you pretend to ride a horse?"
  56. "How do you dance fast?"
  57. "How do you spread out your beach towel at the beach?"
  58. "How do you whistle with your mouth?"
  59. "How do you hold a violin when you play it?"
  60. "How do you smell a flower with a nose?"
  61. "How do you help someone get dressed?"
  62. "How do you play the conga drum?"
  63. "How do you wink?"
  64. "How do you leap like a frog?"