Up and Down

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6-03 (44)


May 6, 2004

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Guess What Elmo's Thinking about Today?

To illustrate what Elmo is thinking of, he jumps and gets his head stuck in the ceiling. After an attempt to remove himself, he falls after nothing that what goes up must come down. During the following montage, a clip from the second season's "Fireman Ready to Go" is used.


Dorothy's Question

Dorothy wants to know how one can go up and down on a see-saw


Mr. Noodle

Mr. Noodle helps Elmo with an itch on his back, scratching up, then down. After Mr. Noodle tries to see-saw by himself, he pick an ant up from the ground as his first partner, but tosses him far off camera when he sits on the other end. Snuffy helps next and sends Mr. Noodle flying with the strength of his snuffle.


Kids and Baby

Several kids in a playground show Dorothy how to see-saw


Elmo's Question

Elmo wants to see how many times a hippo can jump on a pogo stick. And eventually, after all that jumpinh. the hippo lands on him!



Before the quiz begins, Drawer went too up and Elmo orders the Drawer to come down but it came too far down and then Elmo shouts, "Come back up. Now!" and the Drawer did and immediately pushed Elmo out of the way! In this quiz, The Elephant appears and sings a line of "The Elephant Elevator Operator."


Video E-Mail

Super Grover tries to show Elmo "Up and Down," but he has trouble taking off from a standing position.



Elmo's friend Diasia goes to the playground with her family and goes up and down on a swing, a slide and monkey bars.


TV Cartoon

On the Up and Down Channel, the Up and Down Lady dances and Up and Down Dance with some chickens.



Elmo talks to a Yo-Yo.


Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines Elmo on a roller coaster. (note: The Chrysler Building is seen while the coaster is going up)



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Elmo's World Up and Down16:12

Elmo's World Up and Down

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