Wild Wild West

Production Number

S1 (Special 1)

Release Date

September 11, 2001

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Wild Wild West is the first special of Elmo's World.

Guess What Elmo's Thinking about Today

Mr. Noodle

Kids and Baby

Elmo's Question






Tickle Me Land


The kids and baby, elmo's question, quiz, film, and e-mail were scenes cut

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Sesame Street- Elmo's World Wild Wild West! (2001 VHS)

Sesame Street- Elmo's World Wild Wild West! (2001 VHS)


  • This is the first time of Jerry Nelson voices the TV announcer.
  • This is also the first episode of Mr Noodle's sister Ms Noodle.
  • This is the first time Elmo has trouble opening his door. His finger gets caught on the doorknob, and when he is about to break the door, he falls into the left side of the door, making the doorknob come back on the door itself. Often, it was used for Season 4 episodes, including Sky and Getting Dressed, as well as the Season 5 episode Open and Close, and the Season 6 episode, Bath Time. On the Season 4 episode Sleep, however, the doorknob comes loose, then the door fixes itself by getting the doorknob back on the door